Renyi Candle


Exhibiting a refined elongated form, the Renyi candle stands tall with a gentle curve that narrows towards its wick. Its subtle pedestal base provides a grounding presence. Cast in a soft beeswax hue, this piece brings an ambient glow that complements its sculptural beauty.

Inspired by traditional candle-making craftsmanship, FAUM was created to extend our appreciation of beeswax to the sculptural form. The first collection consists of six shapes. Each form named after a particular curve used in geometry and mathematics. Flickering of candlelight casting shadows, creating nooks to converse. Designed to light the way. 


Burn time 40-50 hours 400H x 60 W x 40D


No additives are used to manipulate the natural pigmentation of beeswax. Due to its 100% purity, each candle may transition through the natural process of blooming. A frosty film may develop over time on the candle's surface. Should you prefer a polished surface you can simply remove the bloom by rubbing it off with warm hands.