Celebrating Craftsmanship and Authenticity

Brands We Cherish

Every brand we showcase at Eleven is a testament to our commitment to beauty, craftsmanship, and unparalleled quality. Our curated selection represents a harmonious blend of traditions and innovative visions. Dive into the stories behind these brands, each embodying our shared ethos and passion for elevating daily rituals and moments.

Estudio Vernís

Within the tranquil embrace of Alicante's mountains, Estudio Vernís stands as a beacon of the intricate dance between clay and the age-old art of wood-firing. Since its inception in 2019, the studio has been a testament to the allure of meticulously handcrafted ceramics. Each creation is a celebration of tradition, seamlessly blending with a modern touch. Guided by a vision to craft pieces that not only serve a purpose but also tell a story of its maker, Estudio Vernís ensures that every touch, every contour, pays tribute to timeless techniques and forward-thinking design.


In the heart of Sydney, FAUM crafts a tribute to time-honoured candle-making traditions. Each candle is an ode to the raw beauty of beeswax, meticulously hand-poured and tested for perfection. But it's not just about artistry. FAUM's commitment runs deeper, sourcing their beeswax from dedicated beekeepers in Northern New South Wales who prioritise natural honey production and the well-being of the hives. With FAUM, it's a harmonious blend of craftsmanship, dedication to sustainable practices, and a profound appreciation for nature's gifts.

Jess Sellinger

Emerging from the vibrant landscapes of Brisbane is ceramic artist, Jessica Sellinger. A pivot from her background in Interior Architecture in 2019 led her to the tactile world of clay. Now, each piece, birthed in the intimate sanctuary of her home studio, is a testament to her delicate, handcrafted touch. Jess's offerings range from minimalist sculptures to bold, ever-evolving vessels and functional art pieces. With a knack for infusing spaces with artistry, her creations beckon onlookers into a dance of bright palettes and modern twists on classic designs.


Hailing from Sydney, Miss Kornelia brings a touch of tropical nostalgia with every piece of her unique glassware collection. Behind the brand "Kornelia Paulina," there's a vision to transport users into a dreamy oasis with every sip. Meticulously curated, her selection features both fresh designs and vintage treasures, ensuring there's glassware for every occasion. Whether you're basking in quiet moments or celebrating grand events, Miss Kornelia's collection adds a contemporary twist to tradition, turning even the simplest spaces into artistic realms.

Sticky Glass

Sticky Glass, birthed in the creative fervour of New York, is the brainchild of Grace Whiteside. This Brooklyn-based design house offers hand-blown, often bespoke, glasswork pieces that do more than just sit pretty. When molten, glass adopts a honey-like consistency, unveiling its 'sticky' nature—an attribute Sticky celebrates and explores in every creation. Grace's designs don't just harness this unique trait; they let the glass narrate tales of fluidity, malleability, and delicate cohesion. Dive into a world where glass transcends its traditional limits, fusing artistry with the raw, enchanting dance of its innate properties.

Tessy King

Nestled on Yaegl Country, in the picturesque Clarence Valley, Tessy King crafts sculptural ceramic wonders in her intimate shed studio. An alumnus of RMIT, her background in Gold and Silversmithing intertwines seamlessly with her ceramic expertise, imbuing her pieces with distinct metal and enamel characteristics. Each vessel, made with a symphony of clays, layered glazes, enamels, and lustres, is a testament to Tessy's dedication to her craft. Her approach transcends mere creation—it's about uninhibited exploration. With every piece, Tessy invites a dance of form, colour, and a touch of playful spontaneity, making her work a radiant reflection of artistry and freedom.


In our Vintage collection, every piece carries with it a story from a bygone era, handpicked for its unique charm and exquisite craftsmanship. These one-off selections blend the timeless allure of the past with the aesthetics of the present. Experience the beauty of history intertwined with Eleven's vision of curated elegance. Embrace not just an item, but a moment in time.