Bubble Pitcher #5


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The Bubble Pitcher #5, hued in whisky with a hint of cream, offers both style and substance. The gentle gradient from a deep whisky at the base to a soft cream towards the top adds depth and character. Further enhancing its design is the cream-coloured bubble acting as a handle, a signature of the Bubble series, offering a contrast to the predominant whisky shade. The pitcher's shape, with its gently flared rim, makes pouring effortless while also making a statement on any dining table.

Crafted in New York by the visionary Grace Whiteside, Get Sticky stands as a testament to inventive and boundary-pushing glasswork. Their unique technique captures the dynamic essence of molten glass, rendering each piece as an artwork that breathes life into everyday moments.


Approx 15.24 cm x 8.89 cm x 20.32 cm


Slight colour and size variations might occur due to their hand crafted nature. Please only wash with hands, avoid microwaves and hot liquids. Handle with care