Cloud Vessel


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Majestically crafted, the Cloud Vessel stands as a testament to intricate craftsmanship. Layered with hues and textures that evoke nature's spontaneity, each detail reveals Tessy King's intimate exploration of ceramics. From the whisper of florals to the rich palette of earth and sky, this piece embodies artistry and the profound beauty found in the details.

Nestled on Yaegl Country, in the picturesque Clarence Valley, Tessy King crafts sculptural ceramic wonders in her intimate shed studio. Each vessel, made with a symphony of clays, layered glazes, enamels, and lustres, is a testament to Tessy's dedication to her craft. Her approach transcends mere creation—it's about uninhibited exploration. With every piece, Tessy invites a dance of form, colour, and a touch of playful spontaneity, making her work a radiant reflection of artistry and freedom.


Glazed Stoneware with Vitreous Enamel and Lustre