Christmas Activation 2023


Over three days, Eleven designed and installed the Bannisters Christmas activation over three venues.

First was the Hotel Foyer, where the brief was to create a sense of wonderment for guests and entice locals. Eleven curated a series of twelve  suspended Christmas trees adorned with a giant textured ribbon wrapped around the base. A sky full of lush trees, twinkling above guests as they entered the Foyer.

Rick Stein’s restaurant’s facade was redesigned with a hand painted artwork applied directly to the wall of the restaurant. Designed in collaboration with Tabitha Hope who skillfully painted the vision above the entrance that Eleven framed artfully with pine garlands and billowing red satin fabric. 

Finally, The Cheeky Dog was transformed into Kevin McCallisters’ battle field, with the iconic traps from Home Alone. The space was filled with nostalgia, there were cut outs of Micheal Jordan, paint cans  & tool kits suspended from the rafters and the iconic “Wanted” posters applied to the walls. 

Venue: Bannisters Hotel Port Stephens & Rick Stein
WREATHS: My Flowerman
ARTWORK: Tabitha Hope