Q&A Weekend long event

Bannisters x Rick Stein

Bannisters and Rick Stein hosted a weekend-long event, dedicated to the people who’s cooking has been inspired by Rick Stein.

On arrival guests were welcomed by Bannisters Hotel with a glass of champagne and canapes in the Foyer. Eleven commissioned Sammy Paul, a Sydney based artist, to create a welcome piece that reflected the coastal nature and movement of the space.  A three meter long fabric with a tapestry of sea -like outlines were hung from the high Foyer ceilings.

Dinner was hosted at Rick Stein restaurant where the chef’s finely sliced sashimi out of giant tunas. Live BBQ stations and smokers were lit whilst guests enjoyed a Q&A with Rick himself. Eleven created tablescapes inspired by the reflections and textures of under the sea. Designing custom mirrored centerpieces that were placed down the middle of each table reflecting the light and the floral/shell compositions. These reef-like sculptures were formed with sand, coral , shells and floral stems.

The weekend was finished the following day with a boat trip around the bay, accompanied by Rick and his wife Sass. The executive Chef at Rick Stein restaurant, and Rick gave a masterclass on some of the iconic dishes and while canapes and tasters of oysters and champagne were poured. 

Venue: Bannisters Hotel Port Stephens & Rick Stein
FLORALS: Rosa Flowers
ARTWORK: Samuel Pauli