Curated and styled by Eleven

Ikkari Launch

An intimate lunch/dinner hosted by IKKARI Founder and CEO, Adrian Norris to preview the IKKARI brand 24 hours ahead of launch, for close ‘friends and family’.

Hosted at Arthur a small intimate restaurant that shares the same ethos as Ikkari, basing its menu around the most season and local produce.

Eleven commissioned Doctor Cooper to create a 360 installation of wild, live produce - giant formation of ginger and carnivorous flowers. Using the shelves behind the installation to style the various Ikkari products.

Timber tables to be exposed in their natural form with Ikebana versions of the main installation (mini formations) and tall tapered candles at varying heights down the centre of the table.

Individual place settings engraved onto vegetables, with an Arthurs menu and custom- painted matchboxes. Once guests are seated they are invited to ‘christen’ the evening by all lighting a candle. A ritualistic experience where guests opened their matchboxes with a pre-written manifestation for the evening. 

VENUE : Arthur
FLORALS: Doctor Cooper