Brave New World

Maggie Marilyn

As the sun lowered beneath the Byron Hinterland, a feast of laughter and joy was afoot. A opulent yet grounded feast created in partnership with Eleven Events for Maggie Marilyn.

With golden hour casting its glow upon the long table, Eleven styled and designed the set for Maggie Marilyn’s “Brave New World” 2022 campaign. The scene was set as an ode to the natural surrounds.

A table laid with nature’s abundance and natural textures remained the centre piece, as models, families, children and friends broke bread amongst the humble sunflowers, earthenware and alimentary. A brand rooted in conscious consumerism and sustainability required a grounded approach to the campaign and set design – unpretentious in nature yet with a finger on the fashion pulse. As a result, Eleven was moved to create a tablescape and banquet encapsulating the brands ethos.

The collection’s vibrant hues moved Eleven to keep colours tonally muted against the lush green landscape of Byron Bay’s hinterland; natural linens against the lashings of colour from seasonal heirloom vegetables, figs herbs and fresh flowers tied the scene together, whilst long beeswax pillar candles brought the golden glow of the sunset to the table without imposing upon the collection.

To further emphasise the brand’s commitment to sustainability, Eleven incorporated recycled and repurposed elements into the tablescape design. Rustic textures were and mismatched ceramic dishes and glassware added a unique and eclectic touch.

But it wasn't just the design of the tablescape that reflected the brand’s values – the menu was carefully curated to feature locally sourced and organic ingredients, prepared using traditional cooking techniques to preserve the natural flavours and nutrients of the food. The result was a feast for the senses, with the freshest flavours and aromas bringing the audience into the inner sanctum of the afternoon.

Overall, the tablescape and banquet designed by Eleven was a beautiful and thoughtfully crafted representation of the brand’s commitment to sustainability and conscious consumerism. It was a truly memorable experience for all those in attendance, and one that left a lasting impression on everyone who participated.

Director: Duc Thinh Dong
Producer: Lauren Barge
Photographer: Dan Roberts Studio
Stylist: Emma Kalfus
Set Design: Eleven Events