A year of celebration


As the year came to a close, Eleven Events had the opportunity to design and host Solotel’s annual Christmas lunch for their top 50 executives.

The team was inspired by the vibrant and colourful work of Australian artist Ken Done and wanted to bring the warmth and sunshine of an Australian summer to the event.

To achieve this, the Eleven Events team used a variety of seasonal fruits and vegetables as unique placeholders at each table setting, bring the flavours and colours of summer to the table. These colourful and refreshing additions added a touch of playfulness and added to the festive and exuberant atmosphere.

The tables were also brought to life with tablecloths designed by Sammy Pauly, which paid tribute to both Australian culture and Ken Done’s iconic art. As always, the flowers take centre stage, the arrangements, envisioned and made real by Sarah Cousens, adding an extra touch of vibrancy to the event.

The picturesque surroundings of Shelly Beach Boat House, with its nautical hues, provided the perfect backdrop for the celebration. The event was a visual feast for the senses, with the use of elements such as bay leaves on branches and lychees adding to the summery theme.

Overall, it was a celebration of culture and natural beauty, brought to life through the creative vision of the Eleven Events team.

Creative Direction and Styling: Eleven Events
Venue: Shelly Beach Boat House
Artist: Sam Pauletto
Florist: Sarah Cousens