Bubble Pitcher #2


The Bubble Pitcher #2, glazed in a distinct denim shade, is a captivating blend of artistry and functionality. Its innovative design features a side bubble acting as a handle, seamlessly integrating practicality with aesthetic appeal. This pitcher, reminiscent of deep blue denim fabric, is a sophisticated addition to any tabletop. Its sculpted form eloquently symbolises the very essence of the liquid it's designed to hold. Whether used for gatherings or solitary moments, this piece elevates every pour into an enchanting experience.

Crafted in New York by the talented Grace Whiteside, Get Sticky pushes the boundaries of conventional glasswork. Their unique approach, harnessing the sticky, honey-like consistency of molten glass, transforms each piece into a fluid and dynamic artwork, infusing life into everyday spaces.


Approx 15.24 cm x 8.89 cm x 20.32 cm


Slight colour and size variations might occur due to their hand crafted nature. Please only wash with hands, avoid microwaves and hot liquids. Handle with care