Large Deflated Bowl #4


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With its compelling contours and the warm embrace of its amber hue, the Large Deflated Bowl #4 exemplifies the art of handblown glass. This piece captures a fleeting moment of motion, its form appearing to gently collapse inwards. The rich orange undertones play with light, casting a radiant glow that promises to be the centrepiece in any room it graces.

Crafted in New York by the talented Grace Whiteside, Get Sticky pushes the boundaries of conventional glasswork. Their unique approach, harnessing the sticky, honey-like consistency of molten glass, transforms each piece into a fluid and dynamic artwork, infusing life into everyday spaces.


25.4 cm x 23.5 cm x 10.16 cm


Slight colour and size variations might occur due to their hand crafted nature. Please only wash with hands, avoid microwaves and hot liquids. Handle with care