Large Wave Vase


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Crafted with a deep attention to detail, the Large Wave Vase showcases a captivating cobalt blue hue with a matte finish exterior. Its hand-built structure and design exhibit a unique blend of sophistication and modern aesthetics. The unglazed interior adds a raw and authentic touch, making this vase not just a decorative piece, but a reflection of artistry and elegance.

Jessica Sellinger, a dedicated ceramic artist based in Brisbane, Australia, meticulously crafts every piece with passion and precision in her intimate home studio. As a one-woman powerhouse, she has mastered the blend of minimalism with bold design. Her sculptures and vessels don't just occupy a space; they redefine it. Drawing the viewer in, her creations possess the transformative ability to turn any setting into an artistic masterpiece.


30W x 30D x 40H


Avoid liquids and oils on the surface. For sculptural arrangements only. Interior and decorative use. Each piece is carefully created by hand, therefore inconsistency in shape, colour, texture and exact measurements may occur due to the natural material and firing procedures.