Pearl Bud Vase in Earth Tones


The Pearl Bud Vase by Tessy King draws inspiration from the earth's raw beauty. With its deep brown hue interrupted by bold azure blotches and subtle golden flecks, the vase captures the essence of natural imperfections. Tessy King's signature touch shines through in the delicate details and tactile finish, making this piece a standout amidst her stunning creations.

Nestled on Yaegl Country, in the picturesque Clarence Valley, Tessy King crafts sculptural ceramic wonders in her intimate shed studio. Each vessel, made with a symphony of clays, layered glazes, enamels, and lustres, is a testament to Tessy's dedication to her craft. Her approach transcends mere creation—it's about uninhibited exploration. With every piece, Tessy invites a dance of form, colour, and a touch of playful spontaneity, making her work a radiant reflection of artistry and freedom.


Glazed Stoneware