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POT by Estudio Vernís stands as an epitome of versatility and aesthetics. Whether showcasing wildflowers, chilling wine, or safeguarding treasures, this vessel integrates seamlessly into every setting. Its bark glaze, rich in iron oxide and formulated with ashes, evokes memories of a summer night's sky. Handcrafted with precision, and fired amidst the pine-scented breezes, this pot resonates with the artistry and tales of its creation.

From the tranquil mountains of Castell de Castells, Spain, Estudio Vernís is dedicated to individually handcrafting pieces that seamlessly merge functionality with artistry. Revering the innate beauty of clay and the transformative nature of wood-firing, each creation stands as an ode to craftsmanship, tracing a unique journey from their studio to your table.


ø 18 cm x 18 cm


All these pieces are made from high quality stoneware and fired to high temperature (1280ºC), which makes the final pieces extremely strong. However, as with any other artisanal product, we recommend you still treat them with care. Both the stoneware and the glazes used are dishwasher friendly, however washing by hand will prolong its life, and we’d like them to live a longer life.

Due to the artesian nature of the making process, the pieces’ finish is beautifully unpredictable from batch to batch. As such, please expect slight variations in size/form/glaze from the pictured piece.