Shell Vessel


Shell Vessel by Tessy King is a captivating blend of organic form and detailed craftsmanship. This piece stands out with its muted purple hues intertwined with raw, earthy elements. The sculpted gold accent on the rim adds a touch of opulence, while its intricate surface texture speaks volumes of meticulous handwork. A statement piece that is as much a testament to artistic exploration as it is to functional design.

Nestled on Yaegl Country, in the picturesque Clarence Valley, Tessy King crafts sculptural ceramic wonders in her intimate shed studio. Each vessel, made with a symphony of clays, layered glazes, enamels, and lustres, is a testament to Tessy's dedication to her craft. Her approach transcends mere creation—it's about uninhibited exploration. With every piece, Tessy invites a dance of form, colour, and a touch of playful spontaneity, making her work a radiant reflection of artistry and freedom.


Glazed Stoneware with Vitreous Enamel and Lustre